Family values, Structure,
Financial Stability, and Technical Expertise


Building (in the present) with passion and vision (for the future) upon the foundation of our roots.

The foundational values promoted by the Di Bartolo family to the staff, an organizational structure developed over the years always growing and financially solid (capable of withstanding and strengthening through all economic and pandemic crises), knowledge and expertise acquired nearing 50 years of activity, business diversification both vertically (type of clientele, end customers, general contractors, design & builders, tenants) and horizontally (asset class and type of work performed by the various companies within the group), a vision in investments in the dry construction technology sector (counter-cyclical), operational synergy between business units, national coverage (since 2006 the group has established an office in Rome), involvement of corporate figures (technical directors, project managers, designers, etc.) in the corporate structure, and the valorization and growth of young talent within the company are among the main reasons for our constant development and the qualities that describe what Coiver Group represents today.


We industrialize the processes of
Interior & Exterior Design

Our headquarters are located in Cormano (MI), extending over 5,000 sqm and consisting of several multi-story buildings. On the ground floor are the material storage warehouses and production spaces (approximately 1,000 sqm of work centers for the construction of light and special carpentry - which support the manufacturing we create on-site – including boiserie, suspended ceilings, and special furnishings, as well as our lines of partition walls), while the upper floors house the offices of the business units  Ferlegno, Coiver Contract, Coiver Sign & Color, and Coiver Cladding), administrative management and services (Cms and Coiver Professional), as well as the Executive Management. The group has also had a branch in Rome since 2006 with offices and material storage units. 

The concentration of the corporate organization in a single site - particularly the design (from the technical offices to the manufacturing spaces), production (from the manufacturing spaces to the warehouses), and logistics (from the warehouses to the construction site) -  allows Coiver Group to optimize production costs and have direct control over the quality of the production processes, ensuring the clientele a reduction in costs and execution times in the production of customized building elements according to the project and pursuing the highest quality standards, based on the architectural requirements on site. 

It is thanks to this entrepreneurial vision that since 1977, the group has been operating in the most important and prestigious construction sites across the entire national territory, as well as on large projects abroad.


Growth and dedication.

Coiver Group was founded in 1977 and began its operations in the civil works sector through the company Coiver Contract Srl (currently the most significant company in the group in terms of revenue with € 95 million produced in the fiscal year 2023).

At the time, dry construction methods were a technological innovation and an exception (the vast majority of projects in all asset classes were indeed built using the traditional "wet construction" method).

The technological evolution in the design and construction methodology of the building sector (to which Coiver Group has certainly contributed to by providing a proactive input in all projects that presented specifications with traditional construction methods) and the vision of the founding partner and management regarding investments, have led Coiver Group to its present reality: 6 operating companies, 186 employees, and over 270 construction sites managed every year: all for a consolidated turnover that reached € 175 million in 2023.

Coiver Group is a reality that always aspires to growth and improving performance, and in 2024 aims to enhance its numbers by pursuing a consolidated turnover of € 200 million.


Growth and dedication.

Coiver Group nasce nel 1977 e inizia a operare nel settore delle opere civili mediante la società Coiver Contract Srl (attualmente la più importante società del gruppo in termini di fatturato con 75 mln € prodotto nell’esercizio 2022). Nei progetti edili dell’epoca le opere a secco erano un’innovazione tecnologica e un’eccezione (la quasi totalità dei progetti in tutte le asset class venivano infatti realizzati con il metodo costruttivo tradizionale “edilizia bagnata”). L’evoluzione tecnologica nella metodologia progettuale e costruttiva del settore edile (a cui Coiver Group ha certamente partecipato fornendo un contributo proattivo in tutti i progetti che presentavano capitolati con metodi costruttivi tradizionali) e la visione del socio fondatore e del management circa gli investimenti, hanno portato Coiver Group alla realtà odierna: 6 società operative, 200 dipendenti e oltre 300 cantieri gestiti ogni anno: il tutto per un fatturato consolidato complessivo che nel 2022 ha raggiunto i 180 mln di €.


Coiver Group is a reality that always aspires to growth and improving performance, and in 2023 aims to enhance its numbers by pursuing a consolidated turnover of €200 million.


Six realities, one soul.

The companies that make up our group, from the most historical (Ferlegno, 1977) to the most recent (Coiver DK, 2020).

Partition walls (glass, wood, metal), custom ceilings & coverings, custom furnishing.
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Dry construction systems,
internal finishing and raised access floors.
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Dry construction systems, internal finishing and raised access floors based in Rome.
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Wayfinding, signage, retail furnitures, painting and thermal insulation coatings.
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Curtain walls and ventilated facades, windows & doors, roofing and claddings.
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Dry construction systems and internal finishing based in Denmark.
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