Design Freedom and a wide selection of materials

Known for protecting and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of buildings, the ventilated facades made by Coiver Group aim to ensure maximum customization for the client. The technical office, composed of architects, designers, and technical PMs, assists the client in the preliminary design phase and in choosing and selecting the most suitable materials for the required performance. Metallic textures, composite and prefabricated panels, fiber cement, GRC/GFRC, gres (ceramic stoneware), stone, Laminam and HPL: endless solutions for complete design freedom.

Among the most representative projects carried out by the group, we mention the award-winning Montefeltro Office Village (Fidera York) and the building on Via della Chiusa 2 (Axa), as well as projects carried out on the Torre Richard (Aedes) property, and the shopping center on Via Arona (Coop) in Milan.