Technical Assistance in the Design and
Engineering phases of the Project

Our 500 sqm production facility, equipped with a state-of-the-art work center where skilled blacksmiths and welders operate, enables Coiver Group to directly produce all the specialized structural work necessary for the manufacturing of products on our construction sites. The constructive design process, production/prefabrication and direct installation lead to reduced construction timelines and optimized costs, while also ensuring that clients can implement and realize ambitious and bold architectural projects.

Projects such as the new headquarters in San Donato (Eni), the Hadid Tower in Milan (Generali Insurance), and the Limbiate shopping gallery (CBRE Investments) showcase Coiver Group's high-level finishes, following architectural curves, engineering and prefabricating the specialized structural supports for such finishes.

Eni Headquarters, San Donato

Generali Tower, Milan

Limbiate Shopping Center