A single point of contact for your projects

As a frontrunner in executing office fit-outs, Coiver Group is increasingly involved by tenants who lease spaces in buildings located across the national territory, where it has already operated, whether on behalf of the property (directly in the case of property redevelopment into category A) or the General Contractor (creation of specialized dry constructions), offering clients significant continuity of service which leads to a reduction in the timeframes for setting up spaces and delivery.

Dry construction systems, interior finishes, painting, partition walls, furnishings, and sometimes facade regeneration: the synergy between the companies that make up the group, the variety of services offered, and the direct production of interior and exterior design elements make Coiver Group the perfect interlocutor for turnkey fit-outs and refurbishments.

Prestigious projects such as the Unicredit Tower in Porta Nuova and more recently the space setups carried out on behalf of Abi, Allianz, DBAG Italia, Deutsche Bank, Dils, Hitachi Energy, Intrum, Mint and Montefeltro Office Village in Milan (where the group has also worked on facades) and Docplanner in Rome, have contributed to increasing the company's know-how, consolidating its leadership in the sector.

Accustomed to working with installers selected by clients or involving established implant partners, the group in its realizations pursues the highest quality standards, ensuring maximum comfort of the workspaces and compliance with certifications and delivery timelines. The new Customer Experience Center in Frosinone, the Sisal and Top Network offices in Rome, Spark Business District, the Deutsche Bank headquarters, the Ferrari style office, and the Milan offices of Google, Dils and Legance are other interesting references in which Coiver Group has operated.